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Swift delivers prepaid funds on behalf of a diverse group of corporate clients to their equally diverse target audiences—typically consumers, employees or the sales distribution channel. From consumer rebate programs to sales force incentives to emergency disaster relief for populations in need, our clients use our products to promote, incentivize, reward and pay.

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In highly competitive, constantly evolving markets, companies invest heavily to motivate members of the sales distribution channel. Our clients need channel sales representatives to promote their product or service over a competitor’s. Swift understands that distributor programs come with a unique set of requirements and challenges. Years of distributor channel incentive experience led us to build flexible features into the product set to address these very needs.

The goal is to encourage the sales representative to sell again and again. To achieve this, new clients often ask for traditional, outdated physical card reloadable programs, which are typically expensive to run. Swift’s current clients know that our digital products include options that allow them to run reloadable programs at an attractive cost. Our digital load programs allow sales representatives to load their own card securely, with clear messaging, tracking and reporting to tie the load back to a particular sale. Tax form capture and reporting services relieve our clients of cumbersome administrative tasks and help them comply with tax regulations. And of course, Swift’s global reach and multiple currencies allow our clients to incentivize sales forces all over the world.

Swift works closely with companies ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to smaller businesses looking to reward or pay their employees, distributor partners or customers. One of the ways we organize our robust program portfolio, and resulting expertise, is to bisect it into the categories of incentive and disbursement.

On the incentive side of the business, we’ve counseled clients on both standard and fantastically creative uses of prepaid funds to drive behavior. When clients leverage our products to bind action and reward closely together in the mind of the recipient, they see results. Frequently, we even help them discover new ways to measure those results. Swift’s teams often work directly with the corporation sponsoring the incentive program. We also work with marketing agencies, incentive companies and reward catalogues to integrate our prepaid products into larger, managed campaigns and services on behalf of mutual clients. 

The corporate disbursement (or, payments) side of the business is truly diverse and we see prepaid used in an ever-expanding list of vertical markets and industries. Businesses find themselves needing to pay or reimburse consumers, employees or another business more quickly, at a lower cost and around the world. Our prepaid products are often the solution. Here, we see everything from moving expense reimbursements to payments for scrap metal recycling to insurance companies reimbursing medical providers globally. Swift’s technology continuously replaces inefficient, less secure payment mechanisms for our clients who need to disburse funds.      

Motivate customers. Entice prospects. Call to action. Cultivate loyalty.

Promising an incentive to your target audience is simple. Delivering it efficiently, safely, in the United States or around the world and in different currencies is the challenge. With Swift, you have a partner that has the products, platforms and experience to help you reach your consumer audience.

Our clients incentivize panel members to complete a survey online, and pay focus group participants in person for their opinions. Our clients increase product sales through consumer rebates and cash back programs. They gain new customers with a call to action to complete a test drive or switch internet providers in exchange for prepaid funds.

Credit card points programs. Appeasements. Sports arena jumbo-tron interactions. On-pack promotions. Payments for recycling scrap metal or selling gently used clothes. How do you want to engage with the consumers you serve? The combinations and permutations of various consumer audiences, Swift’s ordering, funding and distribution options along with our physical and digital product sets are endless.

Swift helps you motivate your employees through the elegance and flexibility of prepaid. Give employees a truly meaningful reward by granting them the freedom to choose how they spend their funds. We offer employee incentive solutions for all types of organizations. Service anniversary rewards. Sales team incentives to achieve certain goals and objectives. Wellness programs. One, seamless reward solution for a global work force. A motivated and engaged work force is important for the success of any organization.

Swift can provide classic prepaid card fulfillment directly to employees or bulk shipped to corporate locations to be handed out in person or at special recognition events. We can provide cards that are sent unfunded and inactive and then instantly loaded by designated employees, or by the cardholder. Our on-the-spot recognition software distributes permissions and budgets securely to your management team or program admin and is configurable to work with our classic physical cards and our digital products.

We’re ready with full-fledged reporting, support and attention to every detail. With Swift you can manage the core areas of your business, and leave managing the rewards and incentives to your valued work force up to us.

From our early days as pioneers in the prepaid space to today, Swift has worked with clients in nearly every industry and market. In recent years especially, we’ve seen an exciting explosion of prepaid into new spaces. Businesses are moving away from inefficient, less secure payment mechanisms and embracing prepaid generally, and Swift specifically due to our real time products and multi-currency capabilities.  

Market research. Healthcare. Manufacturing. Insurance. Regardless of your market, Swift’s team members are trained as consultants. We ask the right questions to quickly ascertain what you want to accomplish, understand the relevant stakeholders and balance the goals and objectives of all parties to come up with the best prepaid solution available.

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Prepaid Cards Can Lower Blood Pressure

Recent research from the world of health and wellness champions the use of incentives to motivate individuals. In a study conducted by Higi, a leading health company, 159,000 participants with hypertension were challenged to reduce their blood pressure. Prepaid cards were used as the incentive to change lifestyle and engage in healthier behaviors.

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