Classic Solutions

Secure, convenient and easy to use. Our Classic Solutions can be ATM-enabled and are accepted nearly everywhere. Enclose them in a personalized letter or greeting card, or customize the card itself. They deliver tangible and immediate rewards or disbursements to your customers, employees or clients. Choose from our Classic Single or other options. 

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Our Traditional Prepaid Card

Simply better than cash. Our Classic Single cards are physical prepaid cards that provide a more efficient and secure alternative to paper money, checks, closed loop cards and merchandise. They can be used at over 35 million merchants worldwide.


CLASSIC Reloadable

Our Traditional Prepaid Card with Reloadable Funding

The Classic Reloadable card delivers an extra feature compared to our Traditional Classic cards: they are continuously reloadable. This makes them ideal for consumers, distributers and employees earning multiple rewards or incentives, eliminating the need to send multiple cards. Reloads can be triggered via batch file or instantly with API integration.


M.O.D. Merch on Demand

Our Traditional Prepaid Card With A Personalized Touch

Effort that goes beyond the everyday deserves recognition that goes beyond the everyday! Truly reward your recipients with the m.o.d. card – a high-end, merchandise-only reward card that can be used at over 100 popular retailers specializing in merchandise “just for you”. Your recipients will enjoy shopping at any clothing, cosmetics, accessories, electronics, home décor, tools, books, shoes, sporting goods, and sports apparel retailers.​



Swift Accepts Reward Requests via These Options:

BULK: Cards or digital products are provided in bulk quantities for client distribution or repackaging. Cards can be sent funded or unfunded, and can be shipped via various methods. Digital products can be downloaded securely from our system based on permissions.

BATCH: Cards or digital products ordered via a batch file and distributed directly to the end-user by Swift. Cards can be personalized with the recipient’s name, can be funded or unfunded, and are typically shipped via first class USPS. Digital products are sent via HTML email or text message.

API: Application Program Interface (API) is ideal for instant, real-time rewards, or integration with your POS or web portal. With API, rewards are integrated with your platform and process, so the time between action and reward can be instantaneous, driving further desired behavior.


Deliver a prepaid card that encourages a specific experience. Treat recipients to a night out on the town, dinner and movie or a free pizza. The card can be cash-based (up to GBP 50.00 in value, for example) or experience-based (like two cinema tickets).

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Influential Discoveries

Prepaid Cards Can Lower Blood Pressure

Recent research from the world of health and wellness champions the use of incentives to motivate individuals. In a study conducted by Higi, a leading health company, 159,000 participants with hypertension were challenged to reduce their blood pressure. Prepaid cards were used as the incentive to change lifestyle and engage in healthier behaviors.

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