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Increase end-user convenience. Offer choice. Reduce your costs. Swift’s Digital Solutions replace physical issuance with digital distribution. Ideal for national and global programs, payments are distributed via email, text message and even product packaging. End-users access a web portal with multiple language options to claim their rewards in real-time. Flexible, threshold-driven features such as tax form capture and banking allow clients to meet program goals.

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Digital Classic

A Traditional Solution for a Digital World

Our Digital Classic is a completely virtual card usable for online and over-the-phone purchases across the globe. All of the information recipients need to spend and track their rewards, such as security codes and card numbers, is supplied digitally.


Digital Choice

Putting the Cardholder in Control

With Swift’s Digital Choice solutions, end-users decide if they want a physical card sent via mail, or a virtual one available immediately. You decide the options and set thresholds based on what you want your program to accomplish, and the cardholder picks the reward.


Digital Choice Plus

Our Digital Choice Card PLUS Much More

Digital Choice Plus is ideal for programs with a few high-dollar earners amid a much larger group. Similar to our Digital Choice plan, recipients choose between a physical or virtual card. But high-frequency participants—you choose who and how users can qualify—are offered the choice of a reloadable card when they cross earning thresholds. This option keeps your top, most active earners engaged, while providing you lower costs than a traditional reloadable program in which every individual receives a reloadable card.


Digital Load

Drive Participant Behavior

Our Digital Load solutions complement our Ready2Load cards. With Digital Load, cardholders receive an email upon completion of a specific goal or action, and securely load the card themselves. These cards drive behavior, deliver numerous branding opportunities and allow recipients to easily track loads.


Digital Choice/Choice Plus Extra Features

Banking: Cardholders can save up multiple digital rewards and redeem them for one larger value card. With this option you can mimic the convenience of a traditional reloadable program without the cost. 

Thresholds: You can use thresholds to create limits or goals for cardholders. For example, you can set a minimum reward value that must be earned before a reward type is available to the recipient, or set a minimum threshold on banking before a single, larger value card can be selected. Use earning thresholds to trigger tax form capture, or in conjunction with our Digital Choice PLUS product.

Differentials: The digital product platform allows you to set differentials on the choices offered to the end-recipient. Certain choices can be offered at more than face value of the initial reward, or less. Differentials can be used to drive recipient choice, achieve key program economic goals and balance the objectives of all program stakeholders.


Custom URLs: Your cardholder-facing web portal is secure, multi-lingual and easy-to-use. It supports your brand and messaging, and comes with the option of a vanity URL. All portals are mobile-enabled.

Wallet: Lets the end-user bank multiple rewards and redeem for one, larger reward. The wallet stores cards in one, convenient place for easy access to balance checking and transaction history. 

One-Click: This sleek, simple reward redemption portal lets the end-user access a reward without creating a full profile. One-Click is ideal for one-time payments.

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Prepaid Cards Can Lower Blood Pressure

Recent research from the world of health and wellness champions the use of incentives to motivate individuals. In a study conducted by Higi, a leading health company, 159,000 participants with hypertension were challenged to reduce their blood pressure. Prepaid cards were used as the incentive to change lifestyle and engage in healthier behaviors.

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