Swift distribution platform solves prepaid problems

Swift technology solves a unique distribution need and gives an enterprise new visibility into its reward program.

A Swift client has thousands of agents across the country using prepaid cards to thank customers for referrals. We created an electronic distribution platform that eliminates problems with inventory management, replenishment, redistribution and redemption. We even gave the company first-time visibility into its reward program ROI and a way to measure lift.

Previously, each agent received a shipment of active cards that often sat in a drawer all year. Inventory was lost or forgotten. Storage was typically unsecure. Cards were used for purposes other than referral rewards.  Distributions were not tracked or reported, and no one knew if the program actually generated business.

We built a platform that captures valuable data, including quote number, so that the company can measure conversion of referrals into customers and tie rewards to ROI. The agent simply enters this data into the distribution system. Then the system emails a promocode to the reward recipient in real time with custom messaging from the agent.

We made sure the agents and end-users always have choice. When the agent triggers delivery of the promocode in an email, the recipient can choose a physical or virtual card when redeeming. Agents can also elect to redeem the promocode for either choice on a recipient’s behalf. If a personal touch is preferred, agents can even receive a physical card at their office and hand-deliver it to the customer.

At-a-glance benefits include:

  • Eliminates responsibility of inventory management and manual fulfillment of hundreds of thousands of rewards—so agents can focus on service and conversion of referrals into customers
  • Gives corporate new visibility into reward program success, and ties rewards to ROI measurement
  • Allows real-time distribution and redemption of rewards
  • Lets corporate office distribute system permissions and limits safely and securely to thousands of agents
  • Provides agents and recipients with options for reward type and delivery

This model is perfect for healthcare, retail, insurance or any industry delivering a large number of rewards through many distribution points. Ask us how this platform can deliver lift, visibility and operational efficiency for your business