Swift Launches Client Connection Webinar Series

The payments space is evolving, with new products and configurations changing every day to better serve your program participants. This is why Swift Prepaid Solutions — your payment partner — is launching a new channel to connect with clients, and their teams who help facilitate and support corporate-funded payment programs.

Swift’s Client Connection Webinar Series debuts June 27 with a 60-minute interactive session titled “Your Winning Team: Leveraging Swift’s Account Management Expertise for Program Success.” Spend an hour with Swift and learn:

  • Why Swift’s meteoric growth is good for your organization
  • How Swift's teams are evolving for an even better client experience
  • How Swift’s in-house Customer Service makes the difference every day
  • How your feedback helps shape Swift

The debut session will be moderated by Tracey Ferrara, Senior Director of Implementations and Account Management; and Anthony Ola, Director of Account Management. Current Swift clients: Keep an eye out for an invite to this exclusive webinar on Friday, June 7th.

“Swift has been growing at the speed of light, and we are adding new touchpoints to make sure that our clients are maximizing ROI, seizing branding opportunities, and taking full advantage of our ever-expanding product line-up,” Ferrara said. “This first webinar will serve as an introduction to the team responsible for the overall health of client programs — Account Management.”

Swift will produce a new client-focused webinar each quarter. The interactive sessions will include a healthy mix of hands-on instruction (e.g., tools training), thought leadership, best practices and case studies. The webinars will give clients the opportunity to hear directly from Swift experts across various departments, including product and technology, compliance and security, customer service and leadership. The goal is to equip clients with the information and tools they need to maximize payment program results and eliminate operational friction.

“While our Account Management team is always available to answer specific questions, we wanted to bring another resource to the table,” Ola said. “2019 is turning out to be another transformational year for Swift, and introducing this webinar series is just one of the many ways we are enhancing service and support to companies that count on Swift for delivering high-impact payments.”

For more information on Swift’s Quarterly Client Connection Webinar Series, reach out to your Swift Contact.

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