Cardholder Support

Your prepaid program is designed to reward, build loyalty and increase satisfaction. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to provide the tools your cardholders need to spend and track their rewards, as well as industry-leading in-house customer care.

While other program managers outsource customer care to the processor (with no availability to underlying program information), we take pride in the unparalleled level of care our in-house team provides your cardholders. Employee training and development as well as in-depth program details at our fingertips ultimately lead to providing unmatched expert service and one-contact resolution. Our teams handle hundreds of questions every day and they utilize a broad range of tools to make decisions quickly—probing and seeking to uncover the cardholder’s root question, defining actionable steps and executing solutions.

We also back our programs with easy-access web portals—customized for your brand—that provide your cardholders real-time access to a variety of self-service functions. and

Complete Digital Self-Service

Our redemption portals allow users to register, combine and redeem their digital payments for virtual or physical cards. Secure, multi-lingual, mobile-friendly and easy-to-use, the site can even be personalized with a custom program URL providing our clients with the ability to further reinforce their brand and messaging. These websites complement our Digital Solutions products.

The Most Advanced Cardholder-Facing Site in the Industry

This advanced cardholder-facing portal lets users check card balances, review transactions, register cards, activate cards, retrieve PINs, dispute transactions and more. Users can even create a password-protected wallet, affording them even more security and offering the convenience of keeping multiple cards under one login. The site can be customized for your brand, including your program’s terms & conditions, personalized authentication and activation features, brand specific colors and logos, and custom messaging. This portal complements our Classic Card product set.

Cardholder Services

Building Customer Loyalty Through Superior Experiences

Your cardholders have access to a wide number of self-service tools to answer their questions and resolve their issues, including customer support via email, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone services, contact us web-forms, and even a mobile website where end-users can check card statuses, profiles, transactions and balances. Should a cardholder call or email us, our in-house customer care team is powered by Swift’s CRM platform. This platform instantly taps into multiple databases and displays in-depth information on the card account, program and cardholder experience. The accuracy, speed and level of service we’re able to provide your cardholders is unmatched in the industry.

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    Swift is more than our innovative products, platforms and solutions. We’re also a rapidly growing fintech company made up of individuals devoted to making Swift a constant disruptor in corporate-funded payments. We’re strong together for the

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Influential Discoveries

Prepaid Cards Can Lower Blood Pressure

Recent research from the world of health and wellness champions the use of incentives to motivate individuals. In a study conducted by Higi, a leading health company, 159,000 participants with hypertension were challenged to reduce their blood pressure. Prepaid cards were used as the incentive to change lifestyle and engage in healthier behaviors.

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