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Swift lets you provide rewards and payments in these formats:

Physical Cards: Traditional prepaid cards, valid for use at physical merchant locations, online or over the phone. They come in three forms, each recommended based on distribution location and goals:

Mag Stripe: Swiped through a machine for immediate acceptance or decline, these cards are common throughout the U.S.

Chip and PIN: Commonly accepted outside the U.S., these cards contain a microchip and are authenticated with a PIN.

Chip and Signature: Microchip-embedded cards that require users to verify their identity with a signature.

Virtual Cards: Purely digital rewards and payments sent to end-users electronically and spent online or over the phone.

Digital Codes: A 14-digit random or personalized combination of numbers and letters. Codes are distributed digitally and redeemed at a branded online portal by the end-user for a virtual or physical card. 

Swift delivers rewards through these methods:

Mail: Physical cards are sent via first class post, directly to the end-user, or shipped in bulk for distribution on site or repackaging.

Email: Used for delivery of our digital products, email templates can be fully customized and branded and support on-the-fly variable messaging.

SMS Text: Can be used for delivery of our digital products.

Instant Issue Distribution: For instant issuance of physical cards or digital rewards, providing the most immediate delivery of the incentive or payment. Rewards can also be delivered in customized, branded packaging.

In-Pack/On-Pack Product Packaging: Used to deliver codes to end-users on packaging, such as under a bottle cap or inside a product box. These codes are typically ordered by our clients in bulk and can be incorporated into packaging as they see fit.

Swift accepts order requests via these options:

Bulk: Cards or digital codes provided in large quantities to distribute or repackage as our clients see fit. Cards can be funded or unfunded, and can be shipped via multiple methods. Digital products are ordered through our platform controlled by user permissions and are instantly available for secure download.

Batch: Order information is submitted via batch file to Swift for fulfillment. Swift then distributes the reward directly to the end-user. Cards are often personalized with the cardholder name, can be funded or unfunded, and can be shipped via multiple methods. Digital rewards are sent via email.

API: For instant, real-time rewards, or when integration with an existing POS or web portal is essential, Application Program Interface (API) is ideal. With API, rewards and payments are integrated with client processes and any delay between cardholder action and response is eliminated.

We’ll help you choose how to fund payments, based on your program needs:

Pre-Funded: The funds are loaded on a physical or virtual card before it is distributed. The end-user can spend the funds immediately.

Reload2Load: Our Ready2 cards are distributed unfunded to the cardholder, and can be loaded instantly by the recipient via a Digital Load email. Cards may be loaded once or reloaded. The Digital Load email serves as notification that funds have been paid out and supports your brand and message.

Ready2Fund: Our Ready2 cards are distributed unfunded, and can be funded instantly by you or your employees based on system permissions. Cards can be loaded once, reloaded, loaded one at a time or loaded in bulk.

Thresholds: Thresholds trigger desired actions and drive participant behavior. You can configure thresholds to display premium redemption options, allow participants to cash out when a certain reward value is accrued or require data collection when necessary. For example, an end-user may need to provide tax information or identity credentials if certain regulatory earning thresholds are crossed. From tax compliance to increasing engagement through subtle incentives, our creative threshold options take our products to the next level.

Banking: The ability to combine multiple digital rewards in exchange for a larger value virtual or physical card. This feature, built into our digital product set, mimics the benefits of a traditional reloadable card, without the associated cost.

Offer complete choice or decide where and how your end-users can spend their rewards:

Good Anywhere: Just as the name implies, cards can be spent at more than 35-million merchants around the world where Visa® or MasterCard® are accepted.

United States Use Only: Spend is limited to merchants located in the U.S. and U.S. territories only. Transactions outside of the U.S. will be declined.

True-Filtered: Card spend is limited to certain merchants or merchant categories, often to align with business goals. Licensing fees apply.

Implied-Filtered: Cards that are Good Anywhere, but with packaging or branding that implies they are True-Filtered, or encourages specific uses.

SpendClique™: True-Filtered cards that can be spent at a select group of participating merchants. Options include SpendClique™ Play, SpendClique™ Shop and SpendClique™ Dine.

Experiential Rewards: True-Filtered or Implied-Filtered rewards that encourage end-users to enjoy a specific event, product or experience—such as cinema tickets, a free pizza, an oil change, etc.

ATM: Cards can be ATM-enabled and used to access cash. Standard bank and ATM operator fees may apply.

Choose how you will provide your reward or payment to your audience:

Email: Standard or customized emails deliver digital products and load notifications. Emails can be fully branded and support flexible, on-the-fly messaging.

Tri-Fold Carriers: Standard or customized 8 ½ x 11 inch letters, to which a classic physical card is affixed. Carriers feature variable messaging and are produced via a digital, on-the-fly printing process. No pre-manufactured stock is required. They fit in a standard envelope, with your logo displayed through the window.

Greeting Card Carriers: Standard or customized enclosures for physical cards, in a greeting-card style format featuring variable messaging. Greeting cards are produced via a digital on-the-fly printing process. No pre-manufactured stock is required.

Landing Pages/Portals: Standard or customized, multi-language websites where end-users can access and perform self-service on their cards. Our digital products are accessed and serviced through prepaiddigitalsolutions.com, while classic cards utilize prepaidcardstatus.com.

One-Click: A simple and convenient portal, oneclickdigitalsolutions.com is accessible by the end-user via a smart link, where the end-user can access rewards without creating a full digital profile.

Swift ensures your program runs smoothly, and end-users get their rewards and a trouble-free experience with these service options:

Cardholder Services: Services that equip cardholders to answer common card-related questions, check balances, change PINs, initiate disputes and more. Includes 24/7 mobile access to a range of self-service features, contact us web forms, email, IVR and live agent.

Swift Support: Our expertise is always available to our clients. Our teams take a consultative, proactive, data-driven approach to working with our clients and their internal teams on the success of their prepaid programs. From program design to instant access to data and reporting, we provide you with the answers you need, often before you know the question you want to ask.

Languages: Swift platforms are available in more than 15 languages including traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Our platforms are template-driven so that we can quickly and easily implement new languages as needed.

Currencies/Conversions: Swift currently issues rewards in USD, CAD, EURO, GBP, YEN, ZAR, AUD, HKD and INR, with more currencies on the way. Real-time exchange information is available for end-users who prefer to understand their purchasing power in other currencies.

Security/Compliance: Client funding accounts and card balances are always 100% fully funded and insured by the FDIC and other regulatory bodies. Cardholders enjoy zero fraud liability guarantees. Swift goes above and beyond standard industry requirements related to data storage and protection.

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