Nothing is More Important than Your Security, and That of Your Cardholders


Security is often cited as the biggest concern from the majority of cardholders and companies issuing financial instruments. Our prepaid cards provide the highest levels of financial security and fraud protection, using the secure Visa® and MasterCard® networks, and offer zero consumer liability protections.

Our cards go beyond the expected to provide peace-of-mind. They are issued and backed by leading prepaid issuers around the world and both funding dollars and cardholder balances are insured by the FDIC and their international equivalent.

Our technology platforms allow us to provide real-time information with uncompromising levels of security, such as data housed in redundant, offsite datacenters shielded by military-grade security measures. Our teams receive detailed tracking, auditing and real-time alerts to complement our security protocols.

Safeguards extend to card types such as Chip and Pin, and Chip and Signature card options. Swift’s product sets, especially those offering our clients the ability to instantly issue funds, include layers of protection such as online user permissions, SSL encryption of information, funding limits and access administration.

We are both PCI Level 1 and HIPPA (Health Information Privacy) Business Associate compliant, and Safe Harbor Certified, the latter referring to our compliance with the European Union (EU) directive on the protection of personal data.

Global Thinking

  • Privacy, Security and You

    “Just because someone else isn’t doing it, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.”
    Privacy, Security and Swift

    It feels like reports of security breaches are constantly populating the news every day—with new sets of consumer credit card numbers being compromised and

Powerful Innovations

  • Getting Focused—Introducing Our Implementation Squad

    How Our Expertise Ensures Your Success

    The prepaid industry is evolving rapidly. At Swift, we are too—with innovative technologies, cutting-edge prepaid products, and new ways to ensure your programs launch optimally— and succeed continuously. Driven by a

Influential Discoveries

Prepaid Cards Can Lower Blood Pressure

Recent research from the world of health and wellness champions the use of incentives to motivate individuals. In a study conducted by Higi, a leading health company, 159,000 participants with hypertension were challenged to reduce their blood pressure. Prepaid cards were used as the incentive to change lifestyle and engage in healthier behaviors.

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